Welcome to Maskansas Siberians, our home is located on 40 acres nestled in the Ozark
mountains of Arkansas. We have  1 1/2 acres fenced in with a pond so our Huskies can run
safely while getting the proper exercise.
Huskies have so much energy, a bored Husky is a destructive Husky and I believe you get
out of your dog what you put into him or her.
We strive for superior temperament, conformation and sound health in all of our Siberian
Huskies so they may later pass those qualities on to their offspring. I do not breed for a
specific eye color nor guarantee eye color, to me all the above qualities are much more
important then what color eyes my dogs may have. All dogs are genetically tested when they
are old enough.
Purchasing a Siberian is a lifetime commitment so PLEASE If you are not familiar with the
Siberian Husky do your homework. Siberians are a wonderful breed but not for everyone.
My breedings are done for myself. Unfortunately we can't keep every puppy which means
occasionally we are able to share a puppy of this wonderful breed with you. We reserve the
right to refuse the sale of any puppy to any person we feel will not be a suitable home for
that puppy.
If you wish to inquire about any future breedings we have planned and would like to reserve
a puppy from a current or upcoming litter please e-mail or call me. We ask for a
$200.00deposit to reserve a puppy, of which the deposit applies towards the purchase price of
said puppy.
All deposits are non-refundable should the buyer change his/her mind.
Siberian Husky puppies may have Coccidia in their intestinal tract and also may have been
exposed to Giardia. Giardia is around in the environment. It can be in the water (it's found
in mountain streams). It is also carried by birds. Coccidia can be brought into any
environment by a stray cat or dog dropping infected feces in your yard. If it comes out in
their feces, it can stay in the environment for many years. Both of these things are intestinal
parasites or bacteria, which Siberians seem to be susceptible to, especially as puppies. They
both can cause diarrhea. In the stress of a move and in particular, shipping a puppy, they
may get a flair up of one or the other of these, brought on by stress, which suppresses the
immune system. Both are easily treatable and not life threatening if taken care of and are
not considered a reason for return of a pup, refund or reimbursement of any vet bills.
They fall in the department of care and maintenance of your Puppy. If at anytime a buyer
cannot keep a puppy I am to be notified first and will help with finding him/her a new
forever home. Under NO circumstance is  a puppy be placed in a shelter, rescue or humane
If you are interested in one of our available fur-kids give us a call or send us a e-mail.
Phone # 501-253-6231

Thanks for stopping by...June

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